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About Us
At Building Excellence, we're here to help you build and sustain your culture of excellence in whatever endeavor you undertake. By working with you to ensure you have a strong foundation for sustained success, a pillar-based strategy for execution, aligned measurable objectives to ensure results, competent leadership skill to make it all happen, and a culture of trust and accountability to sustain it, we'll help you get there.
Our Core Ideology
Mission - Why we're here
To build excellence by helping people discover and deploy their passion in order to create a positive memorable experience for everyone!
Vision - Our dream
A global network of partners building excellence in all types of environments & all types of endeavors, bringing hope, encouragement and fulfillment to everyone!
Principles - What we value:
Trust - the foundation of greatness; faith in & reliance on one another.
Learning - always learning, always leading.
Progress - always moving forward!
Adventure - life is too short! Making every day count!
What We Believe
  1. Excellence is a noble and worthy pursuit that provides mutual benefit for all.
  2. People are more important than profit! However, profit, like quality, service, and growth, must be pragmatically pursued if we are to achieve and sustain excellence.
  3. The customer is first, the employee second, the community third, and the shareholder fourth. This priority enables the shareholder's needs to be optimized over the long term.
  4. As the leader goes, so goes the team! Without effective leadership, excellence will remain elusive.
  5. Encouragement is core! The more we encourage and recognize the good in others, the less we'll have to deal with the bad.
  6. Nothing is worth compromising our integrity!
  7. Our legacy will be determined by the positive impact we have on others.
Meet Our Lead Consultant
Since 1979, David Crouch has served as a human resource and organizational development professional helping individuals, families, churches, and businesses of all types build and sustain excellence in whatever endeavors they pursue. His passion for excellence and values-driven approach enable him to relate to most anyone pursuing excellence as their chief aim.
David earned his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and his Masters Degree in Organizational Development from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. He's been a featured speaker at national conferences since 1994, has been published many times, and is soon to release his first book on "Building Excellence."
After 25 years raising their children in the western mountains of North Carolina, David and his wife Debbie now reside in beautiful, sunny central Florida. Their union in 2003 created a wonderful blended family of five children and three grandchildren. The grown kids still rave about David's home made chocolate milk shakes and Oreo cookie ice cream, which he still makes for them whenever they visit. David and Debbie love contemporary praise and worship music and joyfully serve their church in the praise choir. They also enjoy travel, fitness, family, kayaking, and the Florida beaches. To celebrate turning 50, David and his family went skydiving for the first time. David said "it was the most exciting and scariest thing I've ever done!" David and Debbie view life as an adventure, full of opportunities to serve others and bring joy into the equation.
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Our Products and Services
David's unique model for excellence resembles a house...hence the building and construction metaphor. It provides the framework to build and sustain excellence in any endeavor and in any environment: for profit business, non-profit businesses and organizations, teams, churches, families, and even individuals.
The 5 Elements of the model are:
  1. Accountability & Trust (communication & relationship building)
  2. The Foundation (mission, vision, principles, & standards)
  3. The Pillars of Execution (quality, service, people, growth, & finance)
  4. The Roof of Results (organizational, team, & individual)
  5. Effective Leadership (as the leader goes, so goes the team)
Specific services offered include:
  • Speaking engagements - motivation, inspiration, education, information
  • Project Consultation and Training on goal setting and results achievement, leadership development, trust building, team building, change management, performance management (executive, leader & staff evaluations), accountability, communication skills, mission/vision/values development, organizational results alignment, crucial conversations, coaching high/middle/low performers, dealing with low performance, employee engagement, customer engagement, meeting management, employee on-boarding, selection & interviewing, and competency modeling.
  • Full Partnership in all of the above
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best quality and service in the industry.
Contact Information:
C. David Crouch, MSHR

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