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Training Sessions
David is an expert in the following topics: 
(partial listing):
  • Building Trust
  • Creating a Culture of Accountability
  • Leading with Passion
  • Crucial Communication Skills
  • The Pareto Principle of Leadership Excellence
  • Managing & Leading Change
  • Team Building
  • Dealing with Low Performers
  • Coaching to Improve Performance 
  • The P4 Performance Evaluation Process
  • Your Core Ideology (Mission, Vision, Values, & Beliefs)
  • World Class Onboarding

In the training session above, David was dressed in full construction garb as he taught a group of 100 leaders how to build their own "house of excellence" in their teams. He literally built an 8x8 foot version of the house of excellence on stage as he explained and demonstrated the elements of the model.
Speaking Engagements
  • Building Your Own House of Excellence!
  • Taming the Turnover Monster!
  • The Essence of Excellence!
  • Passion is the Key!
  • The Right Seat on the Bus!
  • Drivers, Doers, & Draggers!
White Papers

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