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Is anyone following?
Start eatin' and keep eatin'!
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Lessons on Excellence

Is anyone following?

There seem to be as many definitions of leadership as there are people trying to define it. My definition is simple... a leader is anyone who has a follower. With that definition,  YOU are most likely a leader. Leadership is a relationship. Think about it! Is there anyone watching what you say or do and making decisions on what they say or do based on what they see in you? Perhaps a child…a friend…a spouse…a family member…someone in your church…a peer at work…someone in your neighborhood… or most obviously, someone who reports to you at work?


"The more we encourage the good in others, the less we have to deal with the bad!"

Start eatin' and keep eatin'!

Happy New Year! 
It's resolution time and many of us set new goals and strive for new heights. Some of the goals you set this year may be what Jim Collins calls BHAG goals --- Big Hairy Audacious Goals! I hope you have one or two those in your life...its' good for the soul. If you've set one of those for yourself this year, I have some friendly advice for you ... just start eatin' and keep eatin'! It takes initiative to get started and perseverance to keep at it, taking it one step at a time.

Excellence needs experience!

When my Dad had to have heart bypass surgery a few years back, we had one question for the surgeon. How many heart bypasses have you done? 712, he responded, and that put us at ease. We didn’t want the surgeon practicing on Dad’s heart. We wanted someone with experience. He had become an excellent heart surgeon through experience. Excellence doesn’t emerge without experience. You have to practice before you can find it. More often than not, practice in life comes in the hard times, not the good. We learn much more in the valleys of life than we do on the mountaintop.

Excellence through the pain

Life Can Be Excellent Every Day! It's a journey of constant development. Growth occurs as a natural, gradual increase but the breakthrough and maturing of true development requires the application of pressure, resistance and pain. Your body grows naturally and gradually by simply eating. But if you want your muscles to develop, you must apply the pressure of weights and counter-resistance in order to develop them to their full potential. Pressure causes pain. But once developed through the pain, your muscles can be used to do greater things.
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